WELCOME…to the website of

The First Presbyterian Church at Caldwell, NJ

We hope this website will motivate you to find out more about us and our ministry. Most of all, we hope you will come visit us. You will find that we are an inclusive, welcoming congregation, one filled with energy and love — a people committed to spiritual growth through worship, study, fellowship, and service.

We offer worship services that are both inspiring and meaningful as well as programs of study that help us discern God’s will. There are many opportunities for fellowship among our members, allowing us to support one another through our joys, sorrows, and concerns.  Just as our ministries reach into our church, they also reach out to the local and global communities.

Our church has a rich history which you can read about here.  Again, we welcome you to this site and trust that as you learn about us you will wish, if you haven’t already, to experience The First Presbyterian Church at Caldwell personally!

First Presbyterian Church depends upon the support and financial contributions of its members and friends.  Follow the link below to contribute to our ministry via credit card.