Church Library

The purpose of our church library is not only to provide the latest books for reading, study and reference, but also a place of quiet for reading, meditation and and perhaps study. We are open any time the church is open. All materials may be borrowed for a reasonable length of time. Please sign the library card attached to the item you are borrowing and leave it on the desk. Return borrowed items to the box provided at the left of the desk.

What do we offer?

For Adults
We have some fiction and biography. In addition, we have a lot of non-fiction covering such topics as: marriage, divorce, parenting, music, cooking, prayer, faith, daily devotions and what it means to be a Presbyterian.

For Teens and Tweens
We have new fiction and non-fiction. We also have books on dating, money management and faith as well as CDs, DVDs and audio tapes.

For Children
We have a lot of new fiction as well as some children’s classics. We have a large DVD collection. We have non-fiction books on first prayers, first bibles and famous people in the bible. We also have books on explaining death and illness to a child.

Church Events
Did you miss any of the shows our youth choir has staged? Or a recent Confirmation? Our A/V director records all these events and they are available on DVD in the library.