Outdoor Worship Guidelines

Please note this guidance is subject to change at any time as new information arises.

  1. Every person who plans to attend any worship service at FPC must register for that service onsite.
  2. Any person who is feeling ill and/or has a current COVID-19 case may not enter church property.
  3. Anyone currently under quarantine may not enter the church property until their quarantine period is over and the potential case is resolved. In addition, anyone who has not been fully vaccinated and has a household member currently under quarantine may not enter the church property until the household member’s quarantine period is over and that potential case is resolved.
  4. Any people who are at increased risk to become ill with COVID-19 are encouraged to continue to worship virtually by watching our services through the FPC website and getting the links to the FPC Facebook page, or the Livestream service.
  5. Social distancing must be maintained between unvaccinated people at all times.  If you do not know the vaccination status of an individual, maintain social distance.  People who mutually know they are fully vaccinated may choose to be closer together.
  6. Worshippers will enter from the designated entrance area.
  7. Hand sanitizers will also be available in the outdoor area upon arrival. Please use it or bring your own and use that as you enter the event.
  8. We will fill the areas first starting closest to the worship (or TV screen) area. Areas are marked to provide social distancing as needed. People should bring their own lawn chair or a towel/blanket on which to sit. However, if it is not possible for someone to bring their own chair, FPC can provide one. You should plan to enter the seating area with the people you will sit with, either your household or a fully vaccinated friend if you choose and are both vaccinated. You MUST enter together if you plan to sit together for seating.  Please follow the usher’s directions, and please stay in your seat once you have been seated.
  9. There should be no attendees moving through the congregation during the event, unless there is an emergency. People may stand in place but not walk about.
  10. No papers will be handed out to attendees.
  11. Offerings will continue online which are gladly accepted. The work of the church continues, the staff must be paid, the lights are kept on and the computers hum. Offerings are vital to the work of the church and are gratefully appreciated.
  12. As we leave, those sitting furthest from the screen/focus/worship leaders will exit first. Please be patient and maintain a safe social distance (as needed) until it is your turn to leave.
  13. At the conclusion of the event, there can be socially distancing (as needed) socializing.
  14. Everyone is strongly encouraged to use the restroom AT HOME before services. We have a bathroom available for EMERGENCY USE.
  15. The taking of communion on communion Sunday can occur. Prepackaged communion juice and wafer sets will be available for pick-up by attendees at the registration table. Attendees will take prepackaged communion juice wafer sets themselves. Congregants may instead bring their own elements. In addition, at the end of the service kindly take any communion cups with you as you leave. There will be a garbage receptacle by the exit route.
  16. Coffee hour will remain virtual for now.
  17. If someone becomes ill during the event and it appears 911 is needed, 911 will be called. If it appears the person can drive home safely or be driven home by a family member, the person will be quickly separated from other attendees and be escorted to their vehicle.
  18. If anyone who attends our services is called by a contact tracer, it is FPC’s expectation that the person should cooperate with the contact tracer. Contact tracing is one of the keys to stopping the spread of COVID-19.
  19. Let’s work together to stay healthy and worship safely!