Becoming a Member

The First Presbyterian Church at Caldwell is here to help you know and follow Jesus Christ. Year-round this community offers many opportunities for worship and spiritual growth, fellowship for all ages, meaningful service to others and personal healing.

Here at the First Presbyterian Church, we welcome people of all ages and backgrounds and invite them to join us as part of this great family of faith. Currently, new members are received twice a year upon completion of our Inquirer’s class. The Inquirer’s class is a time to meet with our pastors and some members of the Outreach Committee. This informal session will include an overview of what makes us Christians, Presbyterians, and ultimately members of this great congregation. Together we explore the many opportunities First Pres has to offer, as well as the spiritual gifts of those attending the class.

Our next New Members class is TBA.  For more information, please contact the Church Office at 973-228-0310.