Neighbor Brigade

Are you a West Essex community member facing a temporary crisis such as a serious illness, loss of a loved one or hospitalization? Are you a West Essex resident who wants to help your neighbors in need? Neighbor Brigade can help volunteers helpothers by preparing a meal, walking a dog, providing transportation to a doctor’s office, raking leaves or simply making a friendly visit. 

If you need help, contact our chapter,at: Or call us:Our local number is : 973-321-7353. The toll free number is: 855-241-HELP

If you want to help others, become a volunteer. As a volunteer, you will receive broadcast communications when a resident is in need, with the type of service needed. It’s your call as to when and how often you’d like to respond.Sign up to volunteer at·

Click on “Volunteer” on the top menu bar

Select “Current Chapters”

Select “West Essex, NJ”

Click on “Fill in an application”