Weekly Service

This page provides access to the worship service bulletin for the upcoming/current Sunday service, as well as past services. Click here to view First Press – our Sunday newsletter.

Also available are audio recordings of recent First Pres sermons. Many thanks to Ray Liptak for his tireless work in bringing this valuable resource to our congregation. In many browsers, you can left-click the link to stream the audio in your browser, or right-click it to save the audio file to your computer. You may have to turn off the pop up blocker in your web browser in order to listen to the sermons.

Jan 17, 2020 PDF  
Jan 10, 2020 PDF  
Jan 3, 2020 PDF “Gold, Circumstance and Mud” — Rev. William Schram
Dec 27, 2020 PDF “Waiting with Simeon” — Rev. William Schram
Dec 24, 2020 PDF  
Dec 20, 2020 PDF Children’s Christmas Pageant
Dec 13, 2020 PDF  
Dec 6, 2020 PDF “John, the Baptist” — Rev. William Schram
Nov 29, 2020 PDF “A Shepherd Still Waits” — Rev. William Schram
Nov 22, 2020 PDF “Thanksgiving with the Volume Off”” — Rev. William Schram  
Nov 15, 2020 PDF Creating Value Out Of Value” — Rev. William Schram
Nov 8, 2020 PDF The Keys of a Steward” — Rev. William Schram
Nov 1, 2020 PDF  Still Reformed and Presbyterian” — Rev. William Schram
Sept 6, 2020 PDF  “Forgiveness and Community” — Rev. William Schram  
August 30, 2020 PDF  “Dumbest People in the Bible – Ananias and Sapphira” — Rev. William Schram  
August 23, 2020 PDF  “Dumbest People in the Bible – Peter” — Rev. William Schram  
August 16, 2020 PDF “Dumbest People in the Bible – Samson” — Rev. William Schram  
August 9, 2020 PDF  “The Bible’s Dumbest People – Esau” — Rev. William Schram  
August 2, 2020 PDF “Imperfect Peace” — Rev. William Schram  
July 26, 2020 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Labors of Love” — Rev. William Schram  
July 19, 2020 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Jacob: The Future Can Be Different” — Rev. William Schram  
July 12, 2020 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“A Declaration of Interdependence” — Rev. William Schram  
July 5, 2020 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“True Freedom” — Rev. William Schram  
June 28, 2020 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Re-member Who You Are” — Rev. Tom Malek-Jones  
June 21, 2020 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Alive to God” — Rev. Tom Malek-Jones  
June 14, 2020 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Message to Faceless People” — Rev. Tom Malek-Jones  

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