Adult Education Newsletter

WELCOME to our new venture in Adult Education ministry. We believe a newsletter with diverse resources has the power to serve you better. As a seasonal publication, we will provide updates on our traditional group Bible studies and more resources for growing personally and as a community of faith while honoring the diversity of life rhythms and life experiences of our members.

We realize that making time for our spiritual life often competes with a lot of distractions. Yet Christ tells us that He is our living water (John 4:13,14). Who can live without water? In this world we can easily become spiritually dehydrated as distractions make us forget to drink. Adult Ed is aiming to find ways to rehydrate you by meeting you where you are on any given day; helping you to grab a quick refreshing sip or drink deeply from the well. Our digital world offers quick access to many resources focused on our rehydration: Apps that include easy access to devotionals and bible study tools, Podcasts that give daily messages we can listen to while we walk, drive, or do daily tasks, and more. We will also offer books for different groups and timeless treasures for everyone. We want to inspire you to discover proven tools for dipping into this deep well of “living water” so we can all remain refreshed and ready for our mission “Shining God’s Light by KNOWing Christ, GROWing in His in love, and GOing where He leads.”

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