Neighbor Brigade COVID-19

Have you wondered how you can help others in our community who are facing
challenges related to the COVID-19 crisis?

Please consider joining Neighbor Brigade, a West Essex-based network of volunteers who help other residents facing sudden crises. A COVID-19 initiative has been established to deliver groceries and prescriptions to seniors, shut-ins and individuals/families with limited financial resources. Teens age 14-17 can volunteer independently if we have a waiver signature; children who are 13 and under can do it side by side with an adult.

Volunteers are needed…

to help deliver groceries in partnership with Jack’s Foodtown of Caldwell. Every Thursday
morning Jack’s is taking grocery orders and payment over the phone with our seniors. Volunteers can then pick up pre-bagged grocery orders and deliver to seniors without any direct contact with them.

One volunteer delivered groceries to a woman whose birthday was that same day, turning 93
years of age. The woman had been crying all week, wondering how she would get groceries, and when she saw the volunteer’s delivery, said “this is the best birthday present I could ever ask for!” You too can make a difference in others’ lives during this time of need.

If you are interested please visit the link below and sign up to become a Neighbor Brigade
volunteer. You will then receive email postings of weekly opportunities to help. You can signup
for one date or sign up for many dates…the choice is yours.


You’ll need to complete some COVID-19 preparedness steps

In order to be qualified to safely help with the COVID-19 initiative, you’ll need to take these

  • COVID-19 and food-handler training – some simple questions to assure you understand the parameters and scope of what you will be embarking on as well as important ways for you to protect yourself and our clients. You will at no time be in close proximity to seniors but you must adhere to CDC-based training guidelines;
  • A background check – we’ll help you through the on-line process that takes 24 to 48 hours to be processed;
  • A self-provided face covering or mask – it must be worn when participating in the grocery
    delivery. Check CDC guidelines for how to make a cloth mask using household items.

Who is Neighbor Brigade?

We are the West Essex based chapter of the larger Neighbor Brigade organization, which is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization of more than 22 active chapters across the Massachusetts,
Connecticut & Maine area, with 3000+ volunteers carrying out thousands of “acts of

The West Essex chapter is coordinated by three chapter leader volunteers:

Barbara Bruchac, Carol DeFrance and Sarah Solie. We started our services in November, 2017
as the first New Jersey chapter and since then our volunteers have performed over 750 acts of
kindness. More information is available at

Do you have questions or suggestions?

Please email us at We are always appreciative of your