New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Do You Have Gifts and Ideas for New Beginnings Programs?

“New Beginnings” is a program developed by the Presbyterian Church (USA).  It provides a framework within which congregations can meaningfully evaluate their past and present.  It also helps to make decisions about their future in the context of the evolving communities in which they serve.  It seeks to answer the question, “How do we as a congregation evolve and adapt to the changing context of the community in which we live and minister?”

We are seeking opportunities to be more Christ-like in our service to others.  By taking the best of what we have done in the past and adding new ideas for projects and activities that are exciting and innovative, we hope to redefine the future of First Pres.

Now is the time for the New Beginnings Advisory Board to assist you in finding what makes you excited about our mission and to help you follow what makes you passionate.  We are seeking ideas and volunteers for projects that you create.  We invite you to consider the four themes that we are using to organize our activities.  If you have a “pet project” that you are interested in and would like to see get started, complete the form below and let us know what we can do to help you get it off the ground.  See what interests you!  Volunteer!

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New Beginnings introductory Town Hall meeting

The introductory presentation given by the New Beginnings team at a town hall meeting of the First Pres congregation, May 31, 2015 in Fellowship Hall at FPC.