Palm Sunday


Join us for Palm Sunday worship as we celebrate the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem and the beginning of Holy Week. Our traditional service will begin at 9:30am on The First Presbyterian Church Facebook page and the Illuminate service will begin on the Illuminate Facebook page at 11:00am.

We have an early Sunday School lesson for you! Click this link to access a video of our Sunday School teacher, Amy Kolb as she reads to us The Palm Sunday Story – The Big Procession from The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories.
Below the video, you will find a link to download a coloring page. Color and cut your palms to wave around while you march and shout hosanna at home. You can do this while listening to the processional hymn during this Sunday’s livestream worship service. If you want to take a photo or video of your procession, we’d love to see it! Share it with us on our Children’s Ministry Facebook Group.