Tricky Tray

Dear First Pres Members and Friends,

It is time to start thinking about donations to our Tricky Tray, Tiki Night, to be held on June 8. We have put a box by the Christian Ed desk to collect items that can go into baskets and we really need lots of empty baskets. To make this event a success and fund our mission budget, we hope that each family will participate in some way either compiling a basket or going in with another family to compile one. Other gifts are welcome besides baskets such as Vacation homes, plane, theater, concert, or sports event tickets, new electronics (blender, mixer, ice cream maker, Ooni pizza maker etc.), clothes with labels, handbags, jewelry. In addition, a bicycle, barbeque or large ice chest could also work as a stand-alone gift. Families are welcome to join together in a donation and will be recognized in the program. Here are some ideas for baskets:



For any questions, email us at

Thanks so much!

Tricky Tray Chairs, 

John Dusinberre, Susan Jones, Liz Moore, Lydia Spinelli