Cherub Choir

Calling all Cherubs!

An early music experience for children in preschool – kindergarten


10:00am – 11:00am in Room 120
Saturday, April 27th, Saturday, May 4th, Saturday, May 11th
Sing in worship on Mother’s Day, May 12th

There is a “meet and greet” at 9:50am in the church lobby. Meet the Minister of Music, Rev. Barbara Piercy, and the Westminster Choir helpers. Parents may stay in the building during the hour-long rehearsal either in an adjoining classroom or church parlor. The choir activities work best without parents in the rehearsal room.
Children who are in preschool (potty – trained and mature enough to function in a group setting) through kindergarten age are invited to come and learn special songs to sing in  worship on Mother’s Day, May 12th.
This choir is always lots of fun and a great way to introduce children to a worship service and choral singing. Contact Barbara Piercy at the church office for more information.


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