Crash Course: Avoiding Blind Spots on the Journey of Faith

CrashCourse_flyerJoin this Online Study – 3 Monday Nights in Lent

Learn about our ingenious and irrational brains – how they think for us, how they trap us, and how to avoid their blind spots and biases in the way we see and understand our faith and our world. This introduction to cognitive theory and “behavioral theology” will allow participants to become more aware of the ways our beliefs are often not under our conscious control, how “blind spots” or biases in our brains’ wiring and functioning can quickly and invisibly lead us astray, and how to be better able to take charge of how we think and what we think.

This audio and video online meeting will take place on three Mondays during Lent (Mar. 13, 20, & 27), beginning @ 8pm.

You can join in from your Mac or PC, iOS, or Android device (software download may be required for video participation) by clicking on this link:

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