Easter Sermon Series:  Encounters with Jesus

Join Pastors Rick and Don during the Sundays of Lent, the Holy week special services, Easter Sunday and the Sunday following as they present character sketches of various biblical characters who had an “encounter with Jesus.”  Starting with the Roman centurion at the cross on March 9th, and concluding with Simon of Cyrene on April 20th, you’ll meet some of the people upon whom Jesus had a profound effect.  Here is the complete schedule with linked scripture selections:


March 9 The Roman Centurion
Mark 15:33-39 “Longinus”
by Rev. Brown
March 16 Nicodemus John 3:1-17 “Born of the Spirit”
by Dr. Sommers
March 23 Dismas
(the thief on the cross with Jesus)
Luke 23:32-43 “Dismas”
by Rev. Brown
March 30 The Rich Young Ruler Mark 10:17-30 “The Eye of the Needle”
by Dr. Sommers
April 6 Caiaphas Matthew 26:57-68 “The Choice”
by Dr. Sommers
April 13
Palm Sunday
Pilate Matthew 27:1-3, 11-26 “Pontius Pilate”
by Rev. Brown
April 17
Maundy Thursday
Joseph of Arimathea John 19:38-42
April 18
Good Friday
Barabbas Matthew 27:15-26 “Barabbas”
by Rev. Brown
April 20 Simon of Cyrene Mark 15:20-22, 25-26, 33-39  “Changed By Circumstance”
by Dr. Sommers

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