Family Retreat


Where: Stony Point Conference Center
When: April 24-26
Speaker: Pam Rotelle Robertson
Theme of Weekend: “Connections” Spiritual Tools for Daily Living
Cost: $220 per adult – $110 per child
Includes: 2 nights stay at Stony Point Conference Center and 5 meals
Stony Point Conference Center is about 1 hour north of Caldwell


“Connections” – connecting with one another in community, and spiritual tools for connecting with God in our daily lives. Our time together will help build community and also foster personal spiritual growth. The spiritual practices we learn together will help turn us toward places God has promised He will meet us.

retreat 3Pam Rotelle Robertson is a wife and mother of four children. She is a graduate of Drew Theological School with a Masters Degree in Ministry, and also has a Certificate in Spiritual Formation from Drew. An ordained Elder and Stephen Minister in the Presbyterian Church, Pam leads small groups, workshops, and retreats as a spiritual director.  She is passionate about helping people connect with God in their daily lives through the teaching of spiritual practices.

She is also Co-founder of Meredith’s Jars of Joy with her oldest daughter, and has spent the past few years enabling readers to spiritually connect through this simple tool.
Nothing that we do is without impact on our spiritual life. The intention of spiritual practices is to open up how God may be speaking to us.

Spiritual leader Henri Nouwen says that when we are spiritually deaf, we are not aware of anything important that is happening in our lives.  We keep running away from the present moment, and we are trying to create experiences that make our lives worthwhile.  So we fill up our time to avoid the emptiness we would otherwise feel. When we are truly listening, we come to know that God is speaking to us, pointing the way, showing the direction.  We need to simply keep our ears open.

We all need time to reconnect, recharge and be filled with the Holy Spirit to tackle all that life asks of us. I believe that we can do this through the different spiritual practices that can teach us how to slow down, connect with God and live in the present moment.

During our workshops we will explore different ways to enrich our lives through daily practices, music, rituals and prayers. We also will learn that by layering these practices into our daily life they will provide us with energy and new meaning. They will keep us open to the mysterious work of grace in our heart and in our world by enabling us to receive God’s love.


I. Friday Evening – Connecting in Community
Exercises for getting to know one another – journey partners
What are “spiritual practices” and why do I need them? How can we add them to what we already do?
Group project – Jars of Joy

II. Saturday AM – Spiritual Tools for Daily Living
Simplicity and practice- just needing to find ways you connect.
Breath prayer, lectio divina, creating a sacred space at home, music, art and practicing gratitude.

Saturday Afternoon- Walking the Labyrinth*
Spending time outdoors, journaling, walking the grounds, kayaking at nearby Bear Mountain (arrangements made in advance through retreat center). *project indoors if raining.retreat 2

III. Saturday PM – “I am Blessed”
Sharing our experiences of the last 24 hours
Prayer of Examen- a technique of prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to detect God’s presence.
Group activities with journey partners – Closing


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