Loving Generously: ep. 3 “Kind”

Frank and his friends cross the tracks to pay Julia’s debt to a man known as “G5”. When they try to give him the money, the police think they are soliciting and arrest them all. In the lights of the police car, Frank tries to explain the situation to the cops. While they wait for the police to call Cassie, the men wait in hand cuffs. “G5” blames them for getting arrested, and says that they are lucky because they have someone to call. Chuck agrees with “G5” and says that the worst thing about being poor is that it makes you invisible. When the police return, Frank’s story checks out. As “G5” is leaving, he forgives Julia’s debt and Thomas talks about marrying Julia.

Later, Re tells us about Proverbs 19:7 “He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord.” God puts Himself in the position of the debtor to pay the kindness we show to the poor. We have many opportunities for kindness when we tip some people and not others. We build walls as we deem some people worthy and others not. Most of us have someone to call if we are in need, but many people don’t have anyone to call. We can be someone’s “get out of jail free” card. And the question we are left with is, “To who can you show an unexpected kindness?”

Here also is the episode’s “teaching moment” with Re the gardener.

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