Loving Generously: ep. 4 “Called”

Preparations have begun for the wedding of Julia and Thomas. Victoria shows up to warn the Donovan’s that the homeowner’s association will call the police if they go forward with the wedding. Thomas hears their conversation through the window, and talks to Julia. At dinner that night, they try to postpone the wedding because they don’t want to ask Frank and Cassie to sacrifice their friends and relationships from the neighborhood. Frank says that, in the past, they have enjoyed good standing in the community but now they have to live their lives to honor God, not the homeowner’s association. Frank acknowledges that he doesn’t want to be hated, but he won’t compromise in his decision to love others. Cassie gives Julia a “1-2-A” plaque to put on the door to the guest house to symbolize their commitment to make it a place for anyone who might need it. “1-2-A” meaning “One to Another” referring to the verses: “be devoted one to another in love and “out do one another in showing honor,” as the group’s motto. The night ends with a toast to “outdoing one another in showing honor.”

Later Re tells that the Bible warns a lot about persecution. To be holy is to be different. When you give yourself wholly to the least, you may find yourself persecuted as a result. The fellowship of believers is captured in “1-2-A,” reminding us of both the cost and benefit of loving generously. And the questions we are left with are, “Is God calling you to step out in faith and show the world what love really looks like? If the world that hated Christ is fine with you, are you living your faith? ”


Here also is the episode’s “teaching moment” with Re, the gardener.

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