Maundy Thursday

Join us on Maundy Thursday as we remember Jesus’ last night with his disciples and his commandment to love one another as he has loved us. The livestream service will begin at 7:00PM on Thursday, April 9th on The First Presbyterian Church Facebook page.


This service will include hymns, scripture and a meditation led by Rev. Barbara Piercy. Our vocal soloist for this service is Cynthia Welborn, and liturgical dancer is Jaime Maraviglia.

Virtual Communion

We encourage all to join us for communion at home. Before the service, you can prepare some bread, either a slice or small loaf. You could also use tortilla, rice cake, cassava or matzah. Prepare a cup of juice, grape or cranberry works well, or wine.


The offering for this service will go to The Caldwell Food Pantry. Submit offering online here  by choosing the Maundy Thursday offering designation.


This worship service is very visual and great for children. We hope that your whole family will join us for the livestream service! Download our coloring pages for Maundy Thursday below!

Maundy Thursday Coloring Page 1

Maundy Thursday Coloring Page 2



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