Spirituality Seminar


SpiritualitySeminarFBSpiritual Tools For Daily Living
Part of the Faith & Life Series

Where: Room 120
Who: Adults, Teens, Kids
When: April 26 – right after the 10:00 service
Speaker: Pam Rotelle Robertson
Theme: Spiritual Tools for Daily Living
Cost: Free
Includes: Lunch
RSVP By: April 20th

Stretch yourself by reaching out and exploring your spiritual life; it will increase your understanding and awareness of God’s magnificent presence. Pam Rotelle Robertson

Join me as I introduce you to both old and new practices for connecting with God in our daily lives. We also will learn that by layering these practices into our daily life they can provide us with energy and new meaning. They will keep us open to the mysterious work of grace in our heart and in our world by enabling us to receive God’s love more freely.

I believe that we are all born with a deep thirst for relationship with God. But how do we go about nurturing that relationship? The ways we connect with God can be very different. Come explore different spiritual practices to find one that resonates with you, that you can apply to your daily life. The spiritual practices we learn together will help turn us toward places God has promised He will meet us and deepen our relationships.



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