Weekly Service

This page provides access to the worship service bulletin for the upcoming/current Sunday service, as well as past services. Click here to view First Press – our Sunday newsletter.

Also available are audio recordings of recent First Pres sermons. Many thanks to Ray Liptak for his tireless work in bringing this valuable resource to our congregation. In many browsers, you can left-click the link to stream the audio in your browser, or right-click it to save the audio file to your computer. You may have to turn off the pop up blocker in your web browser in order to listen to the sermons.

March 24, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“The Ancient Path” — Rev. Don Brown
March 17, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Living on a Promise” — Dr. Rick Sommers
March 10, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“What If We’re Wrong?” — Rev. Don Brown
March 3, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Only Thou Art Holy” — Dr. Rick Sommers
February 24, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Heavenly Beacon” — Rev. Don Brown
February 17, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“The Call to Ministry” — Dr. Rick Sommers
February 10, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“The Fisherman’s Awe” — Dr. Rick Sommers
February 3, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
Communion Meditation — Dr. Rick Sommers
January 27, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Gifts to Keep, or Share?” — Dr. Rick Sommers
January 20, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Fruit of the Spirit – Self Control”
(A Dream Worth Striving For)
— Rev. Don Brown
January 13, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Is God Still Speaking?” — Dr. Rick Sommers
January 6, 2019 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“She’s Mockin’ Ya, Ain’t She!” — Dr. Rick Sommers
December 30, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Fruit of the Spirit – Gentleness” — Rev. Don Brown
December 24, 2018 PDF (computer)
December 16, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“When Love Comes Down” — Rev. Don Brown
December 9, 2018 PDF (computer)
December 2, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
November 25, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
“Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness” — Rev. Don Brown
November 11, 2018 PDF (computer) “Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness” — Rev. Don Brown

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