Weekly Service

This page provides access to the worship service bulletin for the upcoming/current Sunday service, as well as past services. If you have any comments or suggestions as to whether this is useful to you in the weekly service, please add them to the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Also available are audio recordings of recent First Pres sermons. Much thanks goes to Don Spitzmiller and Ray Liptak for their tireless work in bringing this valuable resource to our congregation. In many browsers, you can left-click the link to stream the audio in your browser, or right-click it to save the audio file to your computer. You may have to turn off the pop up blocker in your web browser in order to listen to the sermons. (You may alternatively be able to “always allow” firstprescaldwell.org in your blocker selections.) Please let us know of the usefulness of this feature, or of any difficulties you encounter, by posting a comment below.

May 27, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
May 20, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Set Sail” — Rev. Don Brown
May 13, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Welcome Home” — Rev. Don Brown
May 6, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Meditation on Racism” — Dr. David Billings
April 22, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Sense of Place” — Rev. Barbara Piercy
April 15, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Never Alone” — Rev. Don Brown
April 8, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
April 1, 2018 Easter PDF (computer) sermon: “Those Who Know, Tell Those Who Don’t Know” — Dr. Richard Sommers
March 25, 2018 PDF (computer) sermon: “Who (or What) Killed Jesus?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
March 18, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Draw of the Cross” — Dr. Richard Sommers
March 11, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Famine” — Rev. Todd D. Shumpert
March 4, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “In God’s Grasp” — Rev. Don Brown
February 25, 2018 PDF (computer)

sermon: “Patron or Follower?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
February 18, 2018 PDF (computer)

sermon: “Wild Beasts and Angels” — Rev. Todd D. Shumpert
February 11, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
February 4, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
meditation: “The Creed — The Divine Particle” — Rev. Don Brown
January 28, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Authority from Within” — Dr. Richard Sommers
January 21, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
January 14, 2018 sermon: “God’s Love Has A Name” — Rev. Don Brown
January 7, 2018 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: Meditation — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 31, 2017 PDF (computer) sermon: “Singing After Christmas” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
December 25, 2017 sermon: “God’s Workshop” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 24, 2017 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Message in the Music” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 17, 2017 sermon: “Joseph: Lunchpail Hero” — Rev. Don Brown
December 10, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Remaining Faithful Still” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 3, 2017 PDF (computer) sermon: “Living Faithfully in the Present Age” — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 26, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Good Landing” — Rev. Don Brown
November 19, 2017 sermon: “The Leprosy of Ingratitude” — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 12, 2017 sermon: “The Selfless Community” — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 5, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “A Strong Link” — Dr. Richard Sommers
October 29, 2017 PDF (computer) sermon: “Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura” — Rev. Don Brown
October 22, 2017 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Connected Community” — Dr. Richard Sommers
October 15, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Forgiven Community” — Dr. Richard Sommers
October 8, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
October 1, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
September 24, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Jonah” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
September 17, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
Pittsburgh Project testimonials
September 10, 2017 PDF (computer) sermon: “Teach Them Diligently” — Dr. Richard Sommers
September 3, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Who’s In Your Corner” — Rev. Don Brown
August 27, 2017 PDF (computer) (no sermon)
August 20, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
August 13, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Following Jesus” — Dr. Richard Sommers
August 6, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Communion Meditation” — Dr. Richard Sommers
July 30, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Kingdom of God” — Dr. Richard Sommers
July 23, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “What Does It Mean to Confess Jesus Is Lord?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
July 16, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Resist” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
July 9, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Hide It Under A Bushel… NO! Let It Shine!” — Rev. Don Brown
July 2, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: Communion Meditation — Dr. Richard Sommers
June 25, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Keep Your Eyes On The Road” — Dr. Richard Sommers
June 18, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “On the Way… Together” — Dr. Richard Sommers
June 11, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Perichoresis” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
June 4, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “A Tale Of Two Lawns” — Rev. Don Brown
May 28, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Love Is Sacrificial Action” — Dr. Richard Sommers
May 21, 2017 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Lesson of the Gorse” — Dr. Richard Sommers
May 14, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “And We Rise!” — Rev. Don Brown
May 7, 2017 sermon: “Thieves and Robbers” — Dr. Richard Sommers
April 30, 2017 PDF (computer) sermon: “We Had Hoped…” — Dr. Richard Sommers
April 23, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Real Life, All of Life, In Common” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
April 16, 2017 sermon: Easter — Dr. Richard Sommers
April 9, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Lord Needs You” — Dr. Richard Sommers
April 2, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Mixed Bag” — Rev. Don Brown
March 26, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Where Is The Sense In This?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
March 19, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Be Still and Know I’m God” — Jim Cummings
March 12, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “In Sure and Certain Confidence” — Rev. Don Brown
March 5, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: communion meditation — Dr. Richard Sommers
February 26, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Ordinary People” — Rev. Don Brown
February 19, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Burden Bearers” — Dr. Richard Sommers
February 12, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Churching” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
February 5, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Sadness and Joy Kiss” — Dr. Richard Sommers
January 29, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Observations on the Inauguration” — Dr. Richard Sommers
January 22, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Turn Around” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
January 15, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Piety Beyond the Pew” — Dr. Richard Sommers
January 8, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Space For The Uncontained God” — Rev. Don Brown
January 1, 2017 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Pinholes of Light” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 25, 2016 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Ministry of Presence” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 24, 2016, 10:30pm PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
reflection: “Faith or Fear?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 24, 2016, 8:00pm PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
reflection: “Faith or Fear?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 18, 2016 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
December 11, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “Everlasting Father” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
December 4, 2016 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Mighty God” — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 27, 2016 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Wonderful Counselor” — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 20, 2016 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Lift Up Your Eyes! The King is Coming” — Rev. Don Brown
November 13, 2016 PDF sermon: “Blessed Be The Ti(th)es — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 6, 2016 PDF sermon: Communion Meditation — Dr. Richard Sommers
October 30, 2016 PDF sermon: “Together We Run!” — Rev. Don Brown
October 23, 2016 PDF sermon: “Make a Joyful Noise! Kneel Before the Lord” — Dr. Richard Sommers
October 16, 2016 PDF sermon: “Wrestling God” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
October 9, 2016 PDF sermon: “Built to Last” — Dr. Richard Sommers
October 2, 2016 PDF sermon: Communion Meditation — Dr. Richard Sommers
September 25, 2016 PDF The Pittsburgh Project Report — Madison Borys, Gabriella Suda, Patrick Maguire and Rose Schuchard
September 18, 2016 PDF sermon: “Lovers of the Light” — Dr. Richard Sommers
September 11, 2016 PDF sermon: “Shaping Lives” — Dr. Richard Sommers
September 4, 2016 PDF sermon: “Thy Will Be Done” — Rev. Don Brown
August 28, 2016 PDF Scripture: Exodus 3:1-15
August 21, 2016 PDF sermon: “Unfamiliar Freedom” — Rev. Don Brown
August 14, 2016 PDF sermon: “Salty Life” — Rev. Don Brown
August 7, 2016 PDF sermon: “When We Feel Abandoned, What’s Left?” — Dr. Bob McGruther
July 31, 2016 PDF sermon: “Playing a Good Round” — Rev. Don Brown
July 24, 2016 PDF sermon: “Shameless” — Rev. Todd Shumpert
July 17, 2016 PDF sermon: “The Only Answer” — Rev. Don Brown
July 10, 2016 PDF sermon: “The Only Score That Matters” — Rev. Don Brown
July 3, 2016 PDF sermon: Meditation — Rev. Barbara Jo Piercy
June 26, 2016 PDF sermon: “Timely Words” — Rev. Don Brown
June 19, 2016 PDF sermon: “Too Much Purple!” — Rev. Bob Pryor
June 12, 2016 PDF sermon: “Nobody’s Perfect” — Rev. Don Brown
June 5, 2016 PDF sermon: Meditation — Dr. Richard Sommers
May 29, 2016 PDF sermon: “The Story Behind The Name” — Dr. Richard Sommers
May 22, 2016 PDF sermon: “The Party” — Rev. Todd Shumpart
May 8, 2016 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Ya Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do” — Rev. Don Brown
April 24, 2016 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Project!” — Rev. Don Brown
April 17, 2016 10am PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Give the Earth a Hug” — Dr. Richard Sommers
April 17, 2016 830am PDF (computer)
April 10, 2016 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “And God Said It Was Good” — Jim Cummings, Urban Promise Speaker
April 3, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “Wounds that Heal” — Dr. Richard Somners
March 27, 2016
Easter Service
PDF (computer) sermon: “Will Marvin Be In Heaven?” — Dr. Richard Somners
March 27, 2016
Easter Sunrise
PDF (computer)
March 25, 2016
Good Friday
PDF (computer)
March 24, 2016
Maundy Thursday
PDF (computer)
March 20, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “Hands in the Bowl” — Dr. Richard Somners
March 13, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “To Praise The Master” — Rev. Don Brown
soloist: “Crosses To Bear” — Dave Grieco
March 6, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “In Remembrance of Me” — Dr. Richard Somners
February 28, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “Life Is So Beautiful. Life Is So Hard” — Dr. Richard Somners
February 21, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “Inner Circle” — Rev. Don Brown
February 14, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “Recasting the Vision” — Dr. Richard Sommers
February 10, 2016 Ash Wednesday PDF (computer)
February 7, 2016 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Lord, Transfigure Our Perception”” — Dr. Richard Sommers
January 31, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “Imagine the Possibilities” — Rev. Don Brown
January 24, 2016 PDF (computer)
January 17, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “And The Band Played On” — Dr. Richard Sommers
January 10, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “Beloved of God” — Dr. Richard Sommers
January 3, 2016 PDF (computer) sermon: “Seeing the Star” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 27, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Carols as Resistance?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 24, 2015 11PM PDF (computer)
December 24, 2015 8PM PDF (computer)
December 20, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Fear Not” — Dr. Richard Sommers
December 13, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Beyond the Introduction” — Rev. Don Brown
December 6, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Refinement List” — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 29, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Active Waiting” — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 22, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 15, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Creation Groans” — Dr. Richard Sommers
November 8, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Leap” — Rev. Don Brown
November 1, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “In Service…Let God Lead” — Dr. Richard Sommers
October 25, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “In Generosity…Let God Lead” — Dr. Richard Sommers
October 18, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “In Daily Labors…Let God Lead” — Dr. Richard Sommers
October 11, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Accidental Instrument” — Rev. Don Brown
October 4, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “My Peace I Give You” — Dr. Richard Sommers
September 27, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Going Home Justified” — Dr. Richard Sommers
September 20, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Pittsburgh Project Report” — Jack Jones, Dana Elphick, Patrick Maguire, Francesca Valle and Abby Lebet
September 13, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Greatest Thing God Has to Give” — Rev. Don Brown
September 6, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Building A Christian” — Dr. Richard Sommers
August 30, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Mirroring the Values of Jesus” — Dr. Richard Sommers
August 23, 2015 PDF (computer)
August 16, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Secret of True Courage” — Dr. Richard Sommers
August 9, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Change: Blessing or Curse?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
August 2, 2015 PDF (computer)
July 26, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Rich Fool” — Dr. Richard Sommers
July 19, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Left Behind…” — Rev. Don Brown
July 12, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free” — Dr. Richard Sommers
July 5, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “A Visit with JC” — Dr. Richard Sommers
June 28, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Eating with Tax Collectors and Sinners ” — Dr. Richard Sommers
June 21, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: Dr. Bruce Main’s Sermon
June 14, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “A Silent Prayer” — Rev. Don Brown
June 7, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Who Do You Say That I Am?” — Dr. Richard Sommers
May 31, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “In the Name of…” — Dr. Richard Sommers
May 24, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Alive in the Spirit” — Dr. Richard Sommers
May 17, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “The Silver Bullet” — Dr. Richard Sommers
May 10, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “In Order to Be What God Wants Us To Be” — Rev. Don Brown
May 3, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Declare His Glory among the Nations: Unchanging Calling in a Changing Context” — Dr. Jeff Ritchie
April 26, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “Grief is a Journey” — Dr. Richard Sommers
April 19, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “To Serve and Preserve” — Dr. Richard Sommers
April 12, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Your Story” — Rev. Don Brown
April 5, 2015
Easter Sunday
PDF (computer) sermon: “Making It Your Own” — Dr. Richard Sommers
April 3, 2015
Good Friday
PDF (computer) NO SERMON
April 2, 2015
Maundy Thursday
PDF (computer) sermon: “The Mandate” — Jaime Staehle
March 29, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Will You Be There?” —Rev. Don Brown
March 22, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Safely You’ll Abide” —Dr. Richard Sommers
March 15, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Waiting is the Hardest Part” —Rev. Don Brown
March 8, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Anger Management” —Dr. Richard Sommers
March 1, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: Communion Meditation —Dr. Richard Sommers
February 22, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “One Thing” —Rev. Don Brown
February 15, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Luminescent Disciple” —Dr. Richard Sommers
February 8, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “A Visual Creed” —Dr. Richard Sommers
February 1, 2015 PDF (computer) sermon: “A Tale of One City” —Rev. Don Brown
January 25, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “A Lesson From A Cardinal” —Rev. Bob McGruther
January 18, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
(Ice Storm: No Sermon)
January 11, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Message Received?” — Dr. Sommers
January 4, 2015 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “New Beginnings” — Dr. Sommers
December 28, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
December 24, 2014 11pm PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols
December 24, 2014 8pm PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols
December 21, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Love Came Down” — Dr. Sommers
December 14, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Faith or Fear” — Dr. Sommers
December 7, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Beginning of the Good News!” — Rev. Don Brown
November 30, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “What Kind of Christmas? — Dr. Sommers
November 23, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Stepping Into Wholeness” — Dr. Sommers
November 16, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Invested” — Rev. Brown
November 9, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
November 2, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
October 26, 2014 PDF (computer) HTML(smartphone)
October 19, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “For Sale” — Rev. Brown
October 12, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Banquet” — Dr. Sommers
October 5, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
 Communion Meditation — Dr. Sommers
September 28, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Pittsburgh Project Report” — Emily Brown, Carolyn Maxwell, Courtney Tannler, Rose Schuchard, Jaime Staehle
September 21, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Living Water” — Dr. Sommers
September 14, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
 sermon: “The Things We Don’t Have To Do” — Rev. Brown
September 7, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Anything New?” — Dr. Sommers
August 31, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Justice and Generosity” — Dr. Sommers
August 24, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
(youth musical performance — no sermon)
August 17, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Thoughtful and Thankful” — Dr. Sommers
August 10, 2014 PDF sermon: “The Football” — Rev. Brown
August 3, 2014 PDF sermon: “Make The Men Sit Down” — Dr. Sommers
July 27, 2014 Service at Verona PC;
no bulletin available
sermon: “Covering Your Bases” — Rev. Brown
July 20, 2014 Service at Verona PC;
no bulletin available
sermon: “A Heart For Hospitality” — Dr. Sommers
July 13, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Questions of Honor” — Dr. Sommers
July 6, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “A Place At The Table” — Dr. Sommers
June 29, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Abound In Hope” — Dr. Sommers
June 22, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Stand!” — Rev. Brown
June 15, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “You’re Up” — Rev. Brown
June 8, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “What Next?” — Dr. Sommers
June 1, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Love In Action” — Dr. Sommers
May 25, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Life-Giving Love” — Dr. Sommers
May 18, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Surprised By Joy” — Rev. Brown
May 11, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Look” — Dr. Sommers
May 4, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “A Living Reality” — Dr. Sommers
April 27, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Stewards of Creation” — Dr. Sommers
April 20, 2014
Easter Sunday
PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Changed By Circumstance” — Dr. Sommers
April 13, 2014
Palm Sunday
PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Pontius Pilate” — Rev. Brown
April 6, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Choice” — Dr. Sommers
March 30, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “The Eye of the Needle” — Dr. Sommers
March 23, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Dismas” — Rev. Brown
March 16, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Born Of The Spirit” — Dr. Sommers
March 9, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Longinus” — Rev. Brown
March 2, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Coming Down the Mountain” — Dr. Sommers
Feb. 23, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “A Lonely Place” — Dr. Sommers
Feb. 16, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Presbyterians and Per Capita
– A Holy Alliance?”
 — Dr. Sommers
Feb. 9, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Are We There Yet?” — Rev. Brown
Feb. 2, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Who Is Like Yahweh?” — Dr. Sommers
Jan. 26, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “Follow Me!” — Dr. Sommers
Jan. 19, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “It’s In Your DNA” — Dr. Sommers
Jan. 12, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “What Really Matters” — Rev. Brown
Jan. 5, 2014 PDF (computer)
HTML (smartphone)
sermon: “A Magic Penny” — Dr. Sommers

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